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Accorda is an Idea, a concept, an initiative…
all about creating a better World,
social design, social and personal development,
it’s about promoting Ethics and Aesthetics in all we do,
it’s about making a contribution and adding value
some domains and activities we work on
are presented here.

❧ Mission ☙ ✿ ❦


Ideas Design Development for creating a better World. Promoting cooperation, openness, sustainable design, ecology, positive atmosphere, good interactions with environment.


Creative cooperative research. Promoting Open Science and Open Research and Collaboration, Interdisciplinarity, sustainable and ethical innovations.


Harmonious evolution, improvements in communication and understanding, Empathy and meaningful authentic interactions.


Books, Publications & Courses

We publish books, scientific papers and courses, with the purpose to provide value and contribute to personal and social evolution and development.

WebDesign • WebDevelopment • Programming

We contribute, creating designs and developments for expression and communication by the world wide web.
We promote Aesthetics Communication Expression Connection.
We support Open Source Software movement and open collaboration.
We create WordPress Plugins to improve web experience.

Social Campaigns • Workshops • Meet-ups • Conferences

We promote Ethics and Values, creative solutions, synergy, cooperation, openness, positive ideas, projects and action, understanding, insights, for crating a better world. We organize personal development workshops, and creative ThinkTank and global projects meet-ups. Follow our social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Google(+)

Creative Happy Utilities

Tea Moment Meditation – The Tea Shop

Creating Harmonious space for finding inner peace, healthy environment and nutrition and wonderful atmosphere. (This project is a work in progress)

Cafe Bookshop

Creating a space where you have atmosphere for a great conversation, interaction and where you can read all the books you want. (This project is a work in progress)

Restaurant, Music Live

Harmony, Positive vibrations, healthy and tasty nutrition, making all senses happy.Live music with good vibes, jazz concerts, jam sessions. (This project is a work in progress)


Dorofia Accord (6 Posts)

I'm a Scientific Researcher, Life Coach (Natural and Holistic approach to Conscious and Creative Living) , Author and Artist... I love Nature, Harmony, Ecology, Empathy, Ethics, Aesthetics, Creativity, Design, Architecture, Photography, Painting, Emotions, Music, Natural Balance, Peaceful Activism, Harmonious Communication, Personal Development and continuous evolution... ~ Balanced Harmonious Creative Life ~
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